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Status – Planning Granted

Client - Wrenbridge

The development aims to tackle the condition of the existing site, by redeveloping and regenerating it, creating a flexible and efficient building to suit modern market requirements for the proposed E(g)(ii), E(g)(iii), B2and B8 uses. The unit will be designed to meet modern market leading standards for sustainability which is a key issue for occupiers and building owners. The site provides a highly accessible employment location by car and bus as well as cycle and foot. The immediate locale of Hemel Hempstead provides a ready-made local workforce for businesses and promotes the ability for sustainable transport access
Demolition of existing building and associatedinfrastructure and redevelopment to provide a singlebuilding for use classes E(g)(ii), E(g)(iii), B2 and B8 (appliedflexibly) with associated access, parking, landscapingand ancillary development

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